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"Not tower but bronze bell tower, it is really nice." "It may ring the bell by myself."

Buddhists show their awe-inspiring to the appearance of bronze bell tower. Bronze bell tower with three stories scale and 20 meters high is constructed referring to the three stories tower of Ssangbong temple, very known for grand and beauty. Bronze bell tower carries four small bells around. Everyone may see these small bells. Ringing the bell means that it is the start for being Buddha and monks.
"Ah, here is Buddha."
Bronze bell of Manbul temple has special things compared to bells of other temples. One of specialities is that Buddha is on the surface of the bronze bell. It makes buddhists arouse curiosity and piety. Buddas are carved on bronze bell embodied from the power and devotion. Names of the buddhists is carved on every buddha. It is not easy to look for but inside of bronze bell is intaglioed with names of the buddhists. Material of bronze bell is special. It is the first bronze bell in the world which is made by brass bronze. The scale of bronze bell is reached 13 ton, 3.6 meters high and 2 meters caliber.
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