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Wish to take refuge in three treasures, Buddha, dharma and sangha
About 30 years has been passed from the beginning of construction to completed Manbul temple. So to speak, the dream, construction of Manbul temple, came true in 30 years. During the time sometimes we could not get in touch with the mundane world. The dream, completion of Manbul temple which was all the buddhists' wish was achieved. A peach blossom is blooming as if it was before and we clear our mind and spirit.
Manbul temple faced financial difficulties as well as natural disaster. Manbul temple has been gone through uncountable hardship for three decades while propagating the masses dharma of buddhas and bodhisattvas. Manbul temple is located at Youngcheon city, Kyungbuk province. The buddha's place is amounted to 0.2 mil. pyeong as a first place for buddha and second place of Manbul temple is already secured at Ansung, Kyunggi province.

These remarkable fruits could be succeeded because 1 mil. buddhists every year visit and be with Manbul temple for 10 years. Buddhists' faith rises Manbul temple up to the greatest place in Korea.

Manbul temple constantly try to propagate buddha's teaching around the world. Noticeable thing of Manbul temple is that it introduced funeral rites version buddhist at first. Manbul temple encourages to follow funeral rites version buddhist, cremation. It is very known for pro-environment funeral rites and the rite is being popular more and more.

Every piece of thing Manbul temple drive is for setting new idea, based on Avatamsaka ideology. The new idea will lead us to right way in 21C prevailed material civilization.

Until Indra's net would be completed, we wait for your visit and beg your constant attention.
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