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Manbul foundation would be playing a leading role in realizing Indra's net of Avatamsaka Mandala.
Manbul foundation drives every activities under the slogan of 'No huddles in reality as well as imagination'.

Manbul foundation set forth the outline promoting the world of Avatamsaka in real life. Manbul foundation proceed to achieve Indra's net of Avatamsaka making whole world be unified as breaking down any kinds of the wall such as conflict and boundaries which is generated from religion and ideology, people and race, the rich and the poor. The profound thought would be achieved as people lead their life to Bodhisattva's life and make neighbors' life and their life beneficial. As time goes by, Manbul foundation would be play a major role to make the world of Avatamsaka realize.

If you want to practice the idealistic and virtuous deed in reality, the two concepts(idealist and virtuous) need to be harmonized with each other. The principal goal of Manbul foundation is to let people live in fruitful life and realize wisdom in the aspect of spirit. Buddha's Pure Land means the world of Avatamsaka, is focused on the Middle Path making harmonious relation between spirit and material. Disciples of Buddha would continuously proceed to keep their faith for Buddha and set lecture rooms up to lead the masses to Buddha's Pure Land.
First step of buddhists is to search for illumination, and next is to save others. Being good yourself is closely related with being good to others. Life of messianic Bodhisattva is just to follow doctrine of Manbul foundation. Buddha's teaching is for not only individuals but all of the masses. Manbul foundation constantly makes its effort in various aspects with Buddha's teaching. Manbul foundation would be playing a leading role in realizing Indra's net of Avatamsaka Mandala.
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