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"Manbul temple is a resting place for us"
I usually visit Manbul temple with parents and children. Manbul temple makes me peaceful. It is a place for children to hang around because it is large. First of all, I held my fat...
Registered date: 2008-10-01 / Visitors: 10594
"Playground for my wife's healthy mind and body"
I am eighty years old. As age adds, my exercise ability is going down. I feel painful every part of my body. So does my wife. My wife feel like coming here, Manbul temple. She said...
Registered date: 2008-10-01 / Visitors: 9635
“Manbul temple hugs me as if my mother was."
I think think my choice was brilliant to choose this place, Manbul temple for autumn picnic. Manbul temple let us have buddhist nature by ourselves.Misun, Lee(42) came to Manbul te...
Registered date: 2008-10-01 / Visitors: 9433
wish to be given birth to my baby healthy
“It is first time to visit Manbul temple. I've seen great buddha statue whenever passing by express highway. I was so wondering where is. Kim Taeyeon(29) and Shin Gwangjin(32) budd...
Registered date: 2008-09-30 / Visitors: 10395
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