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   Leaders of Corea(past name of Korea, 918~1392) visited [Society] 2008-09-30 / 9286  

Leaders of Corea(past name of Korea, 918~1392) visited Venerable teacher, Jigwan who is general director of Jogye order on 24th, September. About 20 persons of Corea who are living in Uzbek and Kazakhstan came to Korea and talked with Venerable teacher, Jigwan for experiencing Korean culture from 20th to 25th, September.

This visit is sponsored from Korean buddhist order association. The persons from middle asia said how much was impressed after visiting Daeheungsa, Mihwangsa, Songgwangsa, Bulguksa and Shinleuksa where are ancient and honorable.

Venerable teahcer, Jigwan said one of budda's teaching, "one day when is fulled of darkness in the world, the middle of Buddha's forehead comes bright light out and then all of the world turned to bright universe. At that time we felt that all the buddhas and bodhisattvas have been with us." He additioned that "What it means that our meeting is buddha's great care."

Corean and Venrable teachere, Jigwan had a nice meeting on nice day with Buddha's great care. Venerable teacher, Jigwan said, "I wish this visit would be improve your pride of mother country, Korea and be opportunity to focuse on traditional Korean culture and buddhst culture which has long been in 1,700years."

Director of social bureau, Jaegyeong monks guided visitors from middle asia, Uzbek and Kazhstan.

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