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   "Manbul temple is a resting place for us" 2008-10-01 / 8966  

"I usually visit Manbul temple with parents and children. Manbul temple makes me peaceful. It is a place for children to hang around because it is large. First of all, I held my father's funeral for gentle and easy death so Manbul temple is my house who is staying my father."

Hyeonchae, Jung(38) go forward to buddhist trinity with children. He an his children looks happy with light footsteps. The lovey family makes all bright.

He added, "Everything I had a relationship with Manbul temple is a present my father gave us." Manbul temple is not far from his house. It is one of causes he comes here sometimes and performed his father's funeral.

His wife, Junghye, Lee said, "Manbul temple is really gorgeous. I have been here long time ago. I know so many things changed to good or better. My aunt introduce me Manbul temple. Really nice place for family and me."

Yunsoom Jung(6) and Minjin, Jung(4) said "I like to come here because Manbul temple makes me excited as it carries so many buddhas and bodhisattvas. I think Manbul temple is right place for play."

Mr. Jung and his wife have a bright smile with holding hands each other.

"I would lead my life in buddha's great care at Manbul temple."

Hyeonchae, Jung / Hyomok-2dong, Donggu, Daegu

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