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   wish to be given birth to my baby healthy 2008-09-30 / 10196  

“It is first time to visit Manbul temple. I've seen great buddha statue whenever passing by express highway. I was so wondering where is." Kim Taeyeon(29) and Shin Gwangjin(32) buddhists came Manbul temple with their friends. Mrs. Kim and Mr. Shin married on March, 2008. Mrs. Kim living in Ulsan wanted to know information of bus line to drop by here anytime.

"It is awesome. Never seen before like this great temple. I was so excited right after entered main gate of Manbul temple. I will wish ring the bell and pray for reclining buddha while touching sole of reclining buddha.

"We have a baby and he would be given birth on Feb, 2009. It is honeymoon baby. I just wish my baby would be well."
Her husband, Mr. Shin go forward to buddhist trinity with carrying rice offered to buddha on his shoulder. And then Mr. Shin bowing to buddha sincerely. It is first time to come Manbul temple his face and attitude looks comfortable as if he has been here before.

"I would like to visit Manbul temple whenever I wonder where is nice for taking a walk and relax. I think Manbul temple is great place for people who want to get some fresh air and peaceful mind." he and his wife said with smile.

They would ring Manbul great bell first and then look around other places. They look excited with curiosity.

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