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   "Playground for my wife's healthy mind and body" 2008-10-01 / 9417  

"I am eighty years old. As age adds, my exercise ability is going down. I feel painful every part of my body. So does my wife. My wife feel like coming here, Manbul temple. She said her feel better whenever she comes and takes a walk Manbul temple."
Yunbeom, Kim(80) said with holding sticks by one hand and holding wife's hand tightly by the other hand. He looks around Zone. 5 of Buddha pure land and pray for reclining buddha.

He visit Manbul temple twice a month with driving his own car by himselves. He comes here for healthy life and exercise. Above all, what he comes here (80) is for his wife's health.

"I wish my family would be well whenever I visit Manbul temple. I came South Korea with my brother, any other family left in Pyeongyang, North Korea when Korean war broke out." He went to Pyeongyang, North Korea on November, 2003. He could not help going home even if his house was close to him.

"Nobody knows how I feel at that time. My heart was broken because I could not get my home." he said with tears in his eyes.

His wife, Sungsik, Kim said "whenever my homeland is reminded my eye is full of tear. I believe they all are good as I pray for them here." while praying for stone lantern hall.

Yunbeom, Kim / Wacheon-myeon, Gyeongsan city, Gyeongbuk

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