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"Wow, the Buddha is really big, this place looks like Buddha's land."
"Look! here are so many Buddhas."
The highest place in Manbul mountain is constructed Buddha's land. Visitors are marveled as soon as they see Amitabha Great Buddha in the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. Statues of Amitabha Standing Budda is established around Amitabha Great Buddha with dignity. Visit Manbul temple if you look for proper place for wedding ceremony. Amitabha Great Buddha presides over and blesses your wedding ceremony with Amitabha Standing Buddhas.
Can you imagine the feeling when you are guided in darkness by Buddha's light?
Beauty and dignity of Amitabha Great Buddha could be seen on express way. Grand appearance and religious awe which Amitabha Great Buddha shows us to extinct your anguish and misdeed and makes buddhist keep their spirit right. Amitabha Buddha backed to relieve the masses in the ordinary world of suffering and cyclical birth and death from the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. Being Amitabha Buddha in Manbul temple means that Manbul temple is just place, the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. Altar for Amitabha Great Buddha is lightened by buddhists praying for the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. Lanterns lightened by buddhists on altar for Amitabha Great Buddha is shining for the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss and Avalokiteshvara Buddha and *Namsun child monk is enshrined in front of altar for Amitabha Great Buddha.
"Amitabha Buddha welcome and say hello to us first."
Amitabha Buddha Land is the most popular place to all the visitors. Ahead of Amitabha Great Buddha are standing Amitabha Standing statues in a row on both sides of street. Those statues look as if visitors are welcomed with merciful smile and warmhearted gesture. It makes men and women of all ages relax with joy and they are gotten a picture with Buddha. Visitors are permitted to worship Amitabha Great Buddha and Amitabha Standing statues surrounded by lots of golden-bell trees when Spring comes.
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